This book thoroughly explains the following:

- Physical Chemistry, with detailed concepts and numerical problems

- Organic Chemistry, with more chemical equations and conversion

- Inorganic Chemistry, with theory and examples

In addition to a well-explained theory, the book includes, well categorized, classified and sub-classified questions (with authentic answers and explanations) on the basis of:

- Memory Based Questions (sequential questions, to help step-by-step learning and understanding the concepts in each chapter)

- Logic Based Questions (numerical objective problems & questions requiring tricks)

- Questions from Competitive Exams (covering objective questions up to year 2002 of all Indian Engineering/Medical Examinations in chronological order).

About the Author(s):

Alok Mittal

is presently Head of the Chemistry Department, M.A.C.T. (an autonomous Regional Engineering College) Bhopal. He has obtained M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from University of Roorkee, Roorkee in the years 1987 and 1991 respectively. He has authored several Chemistry books, produced Educational Films for UGC program and also has many research papers in journals of national and international repute to his credit.

Dr. Mittal has also received many national awards and fellowships including Khosla Research Prize and BOYSCAST fellowship. He has also inspired a large number of students for I.I.T., CPMT, Roorkee, M.P.PET/PMT etc.

Jyoti Mittal

obtained her M.Sc. and M.Phil, degrees in Chemistry from University of Roorkee, Roorkee in 1990 and 1992 respectively. Presently, she is a Part-Time Faculty at M.A.C.T, Bhopal and Director of a coaching institute at Bhopal. She has authored several Chemistry books and many research papers in journals of national and international repute.


Part A: Physical Chemistry

Structure of Atom and Chemical Periodicity

Nuclear and Radiochemistry

Chemical Bonding

Gaseous State

Solid State

Solution and Colligative Properties

Colloids and Surface Chemistry

Chemical Thermodynamics and Thermo chemistry

Oxidation Reduction


Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis

Chemical Equilibrium

Ionic Equilibrium-I (Electrolytes, Acid-Base Concept, Solubility Product)

Ionic Equilibrium-II (pH, Buffer Solution, Salt Hydrolysis & Indicators)

Part B: Organic Chemistry

Introduction, Classification and Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

Isomerism Inorganic Molecules

General Organic Chemistry and Reaction Mechanism

Aliphatic and Alicyclic Hydrocarbons

Aliphatic Halogen Derivatives

Aliphatic Alcohols

Aliphatic Ethers and Epoxides

Aliphatic Aldehydes and Ketons

Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids & their Derivatives

Aliphatic Nitrogen Containing Compounds

Aromatic Compounds

Purification and Analysis of Organic Compounds

Natural and Synthetic Polymers

The Molecular of Life

Chemistry of Biochemical Processes

Chemistry in Action

Part C: Inorganic Chemistry

Classification of Elements and Periodic Tables

Elements: Their Occurrence and Extraction

Hydrogen and Its Compounds

Elements of Group 1 (Alkali Metals)

Elements of Group 2 (Alkaline Earth Metals)

Elements of Group 13 (Boron Family)

Elements of Group 14 (Carbon Family)

Elements of Group 15 (Nitrogen Family)

Elements of Group 16 (Oxygen Family)

Elements of Group 17 (Halogen)

Elements of Group 18 (Noble Gases)

d- and f- Block Elements (Transition and Inner Transition Elements)

Co-ordination Compounds

Analytical Chemistry etc..

Este livro é impresso em papel reciclado.


Fora de Estoque
Essa bíblia, escrita pelos gênios Indianos ALOK MITTAL e, JYOTI MITTAL, traz, em cada capítulo, uma teoria bem detalhada seguida de uma extensa série de exercícios resolvidos. Resumo teórico em cada capítulo seguido de uma Maravilhosa bateria de Questões de Múltipla de excelente nível escolha envolvendo toda a Química (Orgânica, Inorgânica e Físico-Química) ! São mais de 15.000 questões de múltipla escolha com dicas para resolução seguidas de suas respectivas resoluções ! É um livro consagrado na Índia tanto para a preparação para a Engenharia quanto para Medicina. São mais de 1450 páginas de Química na vêia. Apenas poucos exemplares desse livro foram importados da Índia, garanta o seu agora !
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